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My name is Suprapto, but many people choose to call me Supy. It is much easier to pronounce for many visitors to my country.
From humble beginnings growing up in a very isolated village in East Java, I moved to Bali to sell ice creams on the beach. Thanks to a lucky break, I was able to move to Yogyakarta after a few years to study English at university for five years.
For the last few years, I have been conducting tours of Yogyakarta, I am based at Tugu Railway Station in Yogyakarta, and I have really enjoyed meeting travelers from all over the world and have made some great friends

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Guests please note that tours of Yogyakarta run by Suprapto are designed to meet the requirements of individuals or groups so tours contained in this site are only suggested tours. His tours aren't structured, they are made according to the requirements of individuals, and the fact he can show tourists, attractions and life in Java through his eyes, is a real drawcard.
Yogyakarta tours cater to any budget, so the backpackers may chose a public bus as their transportation, whereas the traveler with a little more to spend may take a private, air conditioned vehicle.
To get information or a quote on a tour please use the Information Inquiry Form opposite. Select your main interest, preffered mode of transpport and the type of tour you are interested in and Suprapto will contact you with some suitable options and a price

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Discover Yogya Tours - Introduction
Yogyakarta ( also sometimes known as Yogya ), is located in the heart of Java, is where tradition, culture and modernity collide, making it a must-visit destination on Indonesian travel itineraries.
From quiet alleyways where life is unhurried to the bustling main street of Jalan Malioboro, every aspect of Yogyakarta is a treat to the senses.
While many travelers choose to see the wonders of Yogyakarta independently, I offer unique tours of Yogyakarta that can be tailored to the needs of individuals.
Some people travel to Indonesia for the food, sun and beaches and others travel to this diverse country to see first-hand aspects of its rich and lengthy history. While these things are easy to find, I help tourists see the things that most people miss.


Explore Java from the grassroots level, and learn what this country is really about. Along the way, you decide what form of transport you would like to take -- be it a comfortable car, a local bus, or on the back of a motorcycle.
I can also introduce you to the culinary delights of Indonesia. The best food is usually cooked in the most simple of kitchens in a Warung, or roadside stall, but many visitors are reluctant to indulge in the unknown. Let me show you everything that is wonderful about the country I love.
My prices are among the most competitive you'll find!

Please note Yogyakarta is often refereed to to as Yogya or Jogjakarta and is also sometimes spelt as Jogja. The most common spelling is Yogyakarta and is commonly shortened to Yogya, there are quite a few local tour guide books who now use Jogjakarta or Jogja instead of Yogyakarta or Yogya